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Mobile Chart Options

Check out this promising beta by ZingChart, HTML5 Canvas.

This advanced Zoom, Scroll, Preview is very well designed and implemented.

They also have sparklines, which are microcharts used to convey the “shape” of data, not necessarily all the details a full size chart would include.

ZingChart also offers a Speed Test example, which I think is pretty cool for helping non-super-techie people like myself understand which factors can influence chart loading times.

Other HTML5 Canvas Chart options

01. RGraph
02. jQuery Visualize Plugin
03. PlotKit

Mobile charting libraries

01. KeepEdge
02. CorePlot

03. s7graphview

04.Google Chart Tools

Android specific

01. aiCharts v1.5
02. Java [TM] Charts for Android

iPhone/iPad specific

01. Mobile Charts- a GUI for the Google Charts API

02. Drawing and Graphics with UIKit and Quartz (instructions) (Quartz demo) (Quartz2D programming guide)

03. SM2DGraphView (Cocoa)

Symbian specific

01. PySChart v0.3

Windows Mobile specific

01. TMS Advanced Mobile Chart Warning- this may be the ugliest chart library I have ever seen; hopefully it can be styled
02. ComponentOne offers 2D charts for apps in their Mobile Studio

For Mobile devices that allow Flash, I would suggest browsing through these lists:
28 Rich Data Visualization Tools
List of Data Visualization Tools
75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

Please comment if you have found other charting options that work well for mobile sites and apps.

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Design Lenses Article

A design lens allows you to view your user experience design from the perspective of a single design principle. Lenses were originally created for game design but are just as powerful for user experience design.

I recently started documenting lenses that I find useful on a new site, Designing with Lenses. Though it only has 3 lenses to start with, we have more that will be posted there in the months ahead.

To get the whole scoop, go read the introductory article Designing with Lenses over on UX Booth.

This article is part of a series of posts written by the speakers of UX Lx, The premier UX conference in Lisbon, Portugal; happening on May 12th–14th. There’s a great lineup of speakers and Portugal is absolutely beautiful, so head over to the conference site. You can enter UXBOOTH2010 for a 10% discount.

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