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Excellent Roundup of Pattern Resources (Smashing Magazine)

Smashing Magazine Article

Smashing Magazine did an excellent roundup of pattern & screenshot gallery resources.

Check out their article 40+ Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns.

One missing as of this writing is The Design of Sites book site. If you don’t have the book The Design of Sites I recommend it.

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Two Anti-Patterns: Geek Speak & Needless Fanfare

Over on my other blog (looksgoodworkswell) I posted two examples of Anti-Patterns that relate to our book.

The first is Geek Speak. Presenting the user with jargon they will not understand (usually when something goes wrong deep in the bowels of the software). This example is from Facebook.

facebook-database-error (by Designing Web Interfaces)

The second is an example of Needless Fanfare (which we write about in the book). Unnecessary animation/transitions that instead of reinforcing communication needlessly distract from the job at hand. Turbo Tax weighs in with their version of the Biggest Loser scale when they recalculate your taxes on the fly.

Needless Fanfare - Turbo Tax Suspenseful Recalculation (SloMo) Read the full discussion on Geek Speak and Needless Fanfare over on my blog.

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