Job Opening: Technology Leader/ UI Engineer

Posted by Theresa on October 6, 2009

I’m leading the design on a new project and we are seeking an experienced UI engineer to bring the designs to life. The front end technology has yet to be decided- so you can guide the direction.

Here is a bit about the project:

The IQVine platform will provide niche market info and customized insight at mass pricing. This is a $3B+ addressable market. We use a crowd-sourced approach with what we think is a very differentiated back-end. Our longer-term goal is a real-time collective intelligence system that can extend into other ‘long-tail’ info/advice spaces. We plan to raise capital in January.

IQVine was started in early 2009 by Scott Kwon and Jim Heerwagen, who have success with taking several concepts to commercial product in venture-backed and public companies. Our profiles are on LinkedIn. Over the Spring/Summer we did initial customer and contributor validation. Based on this we now have two seasoned N-tier architect/programmers working on the object model, community authoring tools, a proprietary real-time transaction system, and a quality filtering system to automate a good chunk of the interaction processes. A project is underway to produce a clickable prototype. And we are doing more validation and fine-tuning go to market strategy this Fall. We need a technology leader who can bridge the gap from the object model on through to pixels.

What we need:

  • Previous success as a team leader in successful startup
  • System-level web app architect
  • Hands-on development horsepower – doer, not supervisor
  • Champion of open source, agile, and lean development
  • Knack for great user experiences
  • Crowdsourcing, rec. engines, machine learning, and content mgt. a plus
  • Solid engineering education or meaty large web-company experience
  • Communicator with a sense of humor . . . life’s too short

Our tough challenges:

  • Data visualization that shows semantic structure of complex and evolving market information.
  • Real-time transaction system that converts rated community contributions into dollars.

Email me, theresaneil at gmail, if this appeals to you and I will make the introduction.

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  1. ariel sommeria Said,

    October 13, 2009 @ 12:49 am

    you might want to state where the job is and how open you are to telecommuting. I happen to be in France, which is probably off your map, but hey, you might be there too, despite your posting in English!

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