Five Nice Ajax Event Calendars

Last week I needed to find a robust Ajax Event Calendar, similar to iCal or Google Calendar. After hours of searching, I realized this was more difficult than it should have been.

It appears a number of Ajax event calendars were prototyped in 2005-2007 but never matured. Many of those links are broken or useless today. And, when you search for Ajax calendar, most of the results are actually date pickers- not full blown scheduling components.

Here are the good event/scheduling calendars I found:

1. zcal by ZK

download here

2. Databound Calendar in the GWT Showcase


3. Monket Calendar


4. Calendar by

I would modify the interaction in this calendar to open the event scheduling and editing in the same screen as the calendar (in a dialog or slide in panel). It is cumbersome to have to navigate back and forth to the calendar screen.



I also wanted to mention a calendar available for download called MooMonth, obviously in connection with MooTools. If someone would pick it up and finish adding the event scheduling capabilities, this would be a very nice event calendar.


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