Screencasts Added to Flickr

I just uploaded around 390 screencasts to the Flickr Designing Web Interfaces photostream. These are movie captures of various sites illustrating patterns from each chapter. This makes a nice supplement to the hundreds of figures that are already on the site.

The screencasts are in the DWI: Screencasts collection and organized into Sets that represent each chapter of the book. For example if you are looking for examples for Chapter 13, Lookup Patterns then the Set Chapter 13 (SC) – Lookup Patterns contains 70 screencasts illustrating various lookup patterns.

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Companion Flickr Site

Taking the cue from Rosenfeld Media with the release of the excellent Web Form Design book by Luke Wroblewski, we have released all of the figures from the book to a companion Flickr page.

All of the figures are available via a very liberal Creative Commons License. So feel free to use as your needs dictate.

Coming soon I will be releasing a full set of companion screencasts (instead of key frames, the entire interaction as a movie file).

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